Friday, April 10, 2009

Culture Bandits

Some of us are more impacted visually than others, but the visual environment effects all of us. Culture and environment are inextricably entwined. Companies that make money without care for the culture they create can only survive if we feed our nickels and dimes into their pockets.

I like the gas station in town, it's actually full service and the guys that work there are kind and helpful. What I don't like is the advertisements in the window of the mini-mart.

Full Throttle Blue Demon is apparently a COKE creation and the 2 foot by 3 foot poster ad is uninspiring to say the least. Pair that with a Skoal "Bandit" ad and you have a picture of the confused way the commercial community lauds the wrong guys. When people go out and act like demons and bandits we lament their behavior...we do don't we? Why is good light wasted on bad guys?

I say vote with your pocketbook. If all of us resist buying products that are in some way not good for us, then there will be enough of us to make a difference. The culture you impact will be your own.


Sarah Beth said...

Hear hear. It's so true that money talks.

If we all put our money where our mouths are, maybe we wouldn't have so much to complain about.

I have been endeavoring to be careful of my money lately in many senses, and in this one as well. :)

LoveANewIdea said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog AND commenting! It's always so exciting to have a new visitor. Looking forward to reviewing your blog!

Laurie said...

I call it voteing with your buck. I won't go to movies that I think are promoting bad behavior either.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I had to reread my post and sure enough I hadn't mentions that my son broke my mug. I went to Tuesday Morning and bought another mug but it is not as jpretty. :(