Thursday, June 27, 2013

There's a Book Being Written on a Bench by the Sea

There is a trail above this beach.  Native plants  edge the sides, wild radish,  mustard yellow rocket, golden rattlesnake grass, buckwheats and curly docks and lots and lots of poison oak.  Lizards and rabbits scurry across the trail from the northern hillside to the brush above the sands but  I stay on the path and enjoy the view from the soft dusty center. 

There are benches along the trail, most of them donated as memorials to previous trail pilgrims.  The first few times I saw a shoe box sized plastic container under one of the benches, I thought someone must have forgotten it.  It wasn't mine. I didn't even think of opening it.

The next time I saw it, I thought perhaps someone must trustingly leave their art materials on location so they can have them at will.   Then one day I saw a couple looking at two journals and at their feet was the open box full of pens and crayons and colored pencils. 

I realized the books must be something for everyone to share...and so eventually, at a later date, I peeked.

 Children feel free to stop and write or draw as well as older visitors. 

The path and the water, the rocks and the birds, the sky- the air, the ambient quiet of the waves...this is already a place of refuge and rest and restoration...and yet someone thought to make benches too and then...someone left the means  to draw a little picture or write  a word  or two... and leave it to share.

I hope there are many such places made in the world...corners gentled for reflection and recollection and communication for anyone passing along the way.

                                                            No, I haven't written anything in it yet...but I might.  
What might you write in a little book by sea? 

Here's to places of rest and refuge...  Jeannette


GretchenJoanna said...

What a sweet idea someone had! I can see you mulling over what to write, maybe for a long time. ;-) But I trust you will eventually make a contribution - because it's your beach, too, and this book is part of it all, and I think the book is calling to you!


Such a sweet idea.


Haddock said...

What a novel idea. They must be getting inspired by the writings of other kids too.
The location is so perfect to pour out your heart.

World Costume Dolls said...

What a lovely idea. The person who left them there obviously wants to encourage up and coming writers!

Tania Pryputniewicz said...

I love your question, "What might you write in a little book by the sea?" What sweet evidence of connection and compassion, your treasure box find. I was touched too by your photo documentation.

I could spend a lifetime writing many starts to that me that wide open, inspired feeling. Like I could write anything. If I just started.

Diane Cosby said...

This morning I had a date to buy 10 dozen organic eggs with "Harry the Egg Man" at 8:30 AM. Upon returning home and unloading my cargo I sat to check my blog, and found the tenderest and most insightful comment! Your perception and observational skills are impressive! Yes, the vintage army blanket adorns the ironing board in my work area flanked beautifully old framed photos of those I love. Many who are gone now. It is a loving and peaceful place where I sew. I explores you back and have become a follower and look forward to following you. Thanks for opening my door! dkc

Rachel Federman said...

I love this! Did you ever write there?

Jeannette said...

Hi Rachel,

I didn't get a chance to write in that book...the several times it was there there were folks reading it or adding to it...but the chance to write is ever present...isn't? Best to you in all your endeavors.