Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Are you Writing a Book for Me?

I love to read. I read to meet other persons whose struggles and visions and response to life give strength to the day. I read to meet friends in the pages of other times and places. I read to travel where my feet may not go in this lifetime.

I long for stories that I could unabashedly hand to my daughters and say, read this, it will help you on your journey.

I read stories and look for the tangle of threads that is about to become smooth and woven, stories that shimmer with transcendence and penetrate the day’s complexities in all their shadings.

I look for books that I could gladly hand to my husband; stories that know that man and woman do share interior realities and that the trail home usually does involve a Hansel and a Gretel, bread and stones.

I love to find stories that have explored beyond the magnetic polarities, which don’t paint human faces on the enemy and yet, foible by folly reveal how we trip and fell ourselves.

And sometimes I ask myself what keeps me from writing such a story myself? Is the part of me that doesn't yet write busy learning or busy unlearning? There’s the knowledge of how truly little one knows, and the caution for the world doesn’t need more stories unless love increases. Like Hippocrates oath of old, I must first do no harm.

What I haven’t written sometimes feels larger and harder than the tender vessels in which it needs to be, in the very blood of my life, decanted.

But maybe you’re writing a book for me.


RR said...

you've definitely got a great eye for setting up photos!!!

Mark said...

you read me like a book.

Krappy Genius said...

one ... I love the theme of your blog. Two ... Every life is a story, no life is less interesting than the other ... You like reading stories, just look around you :)

And finally ... M down but m not out. Mayb i'll start writing again.

And please write again .. you seem to have a good style

Anonymous said...

Wow, I wish I could settle my hurried self down and get to know you. You "feel" beautiful, like a friend. But I don't know you, other than your blog is wonderful, old notebooks with that phenomenal writing aura to them. Thanks, I needed to touch this grace. So much of the world is lacking it.

Here's a special book rec for you. You can find it at http://www.fictionfeast.com
It's the story of a very special young man. He is the embodiment of world peace, down to his DNA. One problem, the very genetic code that makes him powerful, also makes him both male and female - his most painful adolescent secret. He is determined to live his life as a "normal" male, but the odds are against him as he is hunted by those who want to use his body for their own deadly purposes.

Hope you enjoy.