Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fine Art in Carmel and a dabbler too with Solzhenitsyn quote

There is an artist in town... 

I know that Blagojce had a show in Los Angeles and Chicago this year, and last December he opened a Fine Art Gallery for a time in Sun Valley, Ketchum, Idaho....but he is most often in Carmel, California where he currently has some of his work on display and his easel up.

 It is wonderful to stop by and see a painting progessing
and wonder how many hours into the night did he paint?

Warning: my homage, but ~not art ~ about to appear below...but I had fun playing with the paint program on my computer to frame a quote from Russian novelist, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn:
 "It is the artist who realizes there is a supreme force above him and works gladly away as a small apprentice under God's heaven." 

You can visit Blago and see more of his art on line at this link: Blagojce 
It's a wonderful web page.


BECKY said...

Oh, this was really interesting! And, having nothing to do with Blagojce, I've just wanted to visit Carmel for the longest time!! You'll probably laugh when I tell you why....Because of Doris Day! And her hotel!...It's a long story! :)

Haddock said...

His half finished work looks great.
He looks like some one who knows his work.