Sunday, September 25, 2011

Framing One's Perspective

     There's a dead tree in the view.  It's just as tall as its living neighbor, but green no more.  How one looks at a dead tree, feels about it, may be important.  That tree has held that spot for many years and for now there is a dead tree in a very lovely view.

It has reminded me that life cycles are not neat, the comings and goings are unexpected and then the view is changed.


It's important not to consider the view imperfect.  
There are so many young trees striving to get established...


John said...

A very nice reflection on the cycle of life, too often we see only the tree and wish it gone, but even today it serves a purpose. Its roots hold and bind the soil until others can grow to reach their potential. In this way it is like our memory, holding us together and binding us in our lives. Opening up space for the light to shine through and encouraging new growth.

Thanks for a wonderful view, both of the mountains and life.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Around here, vultures love to sit in a dead tree as they spread their wings to dry in the early morning. It's a beautiful sight.